Antego Tire and Wheels: The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Golf Cart

Elevating your golf cart with the right tire and wheel assemblies can transform both its performance and its aesthetics. Antego Tire and Wheels specializes in premium assemblies that not only meet but exceed expectations. With a focus on variety, ease of installation, and unparalleled quality, let's dive deeper into what makes Antego the preferred choice for golf cart enthusiasts.

Tailored Solutions for Every Golf Cart

Antego Tire and Wheels stands out for its commitment to providing solutions that cater to the specific needs of golf cart owners.

Sizes That Match Your Requirements

  • 18x8.50-8 Assemblies: Ideal for standard applications, offering a balance between comfort and performance.
  • 18x9.50-8 Assemblies: Designed for those seeking a wider tire, this option provides enhanced stability and a larger contact area with the ground, resulting in improved traction and a smoother ride on various terrains.

Advanced Tread Patterns for Every Terrain

  • ATW-009 Tread Pattern: This superior golf tread is engineered for excellent performance on golf courses, ensuring a smooth ride without compromising the turf.
  • ATW-003 Tread Pattern: Recognized as an industry-leading turf tread, it's designed for durability and stability across a variety of surfaces.

A Palette of Colors

With color options including white, matte black, gray, and tan (almond), Antego allows for complete customization to suit your style. Whether aiming for a sleek modern look or a classic aesthetic, there's an Antego assembly to complement your golf cart's design.

Unparalleled Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Antego's tire and wheel assemblies are not only about superior quality and style but also about convenience and longevity.

Effortless Installation

One of the standout features of Antego's assemblies is their ease of installation. They arrive aired up to the proper PSI, ready to be mounted directly onto your golf cart. The process is as simple as removing the four lugs, taking off the old assembly, and putting the new one in its place. This hassle-free approach ensures that your golf cart is back on the move quickly, with minimal downtime.

Simplified Maintenance

Maintaining Antego tire and wheel assemblies is straightforward. Regular checks to ensure the tires remain at the correct pressure and inspections for signs of wear will keep them performing at their best. The durability of Antego's products means less frequent replacements and consistent reliability.


Choosing Antego Tire and Wheels for your golf cart tire and wheel assemblies means opting for a blend of quality, performance, customization, and convenience. Whether it's the specific benefits of a wider tire or the aesthetic appeal of the color options, Antego provides everything you need to elevate your golf cart experience. With easy installation and maintenance, your focus can remain on enjoying your ride in style and comfort. Additionally, Antego offers a 90-Day return policy, why not give us a try today!

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