Upgrade Your Golf Cart with Antego's DOT Rated Matte Black Wheel and Tire Set

Antego's Latest Innovation - Matte Black DOT Rated 18.5x8.50 Golf Cart Tire and Wheel Assemblies

Golf carts serve a multitude of purposes beyond the fairways. From community cruising to property management, they've become an essential part of outdoor leisure and work. Recognizing the need for enhanced performance and style, Antego Tire and Wheel introduces an innovative solution.

A Fusion of Style and Durability 

The Antego tire and wheel set immediately catches the eye with its matte black wheels, a bold choice for those looking to elevate their golf cart's appearance. But it's not just about looks. These wheels come equipped with robust 18.5x8.50-8 (215/65-8) DOT-rated tires, repurposed for golf carts, offering unmatched durability and longevity.

Why Choose Antego's Tire and Wheel Set?

Durability Meets Performance

Engineered initially for highway trailers, these 6-ply, load range C tires boast a weight rating of 935 lbs each and a max pressure of 50 PSI, ensuring long-lasting performance across various terrains.

Safety and Compliance

DOT rating signifies adherence to strict safety and performance standards, giving you the confidence to navigate any road or path with your golf cart.

Versatility at Its Best

This tire and wheel set is designed for versatility, enhancing your golf cart's performance on the course, across your property, or in any outdoor adventure.

Easy Installation

With a straightforward installation process, this set is user-friendly, ensuring a perfect fit for a broad array of golf carts, thanks to the 4” bolt circle and 1-inch negative offset.

Transform Your Golf Cart Experience

Antego's matte black tire and wheel set transcends mere upgrades, offering a transformation in how you perceive and utilize your golf cart. Whether for leisure, work, or a bit of both, this set promises to elevate your experience through superior durability, safety, and aesthetics.

Embrace the future of golf cart utility and style with Antego Tire and Wheel Set. Make the investment today and navigate your way to an unparalleled golf cart experience that doesn't skimp on performance or looks.

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