Elevate Your Kubota's Performance with Antego's Tire & Wheel Assemblie Elevate Your Kubota's Performance with Antego's Tire & Wheel Assemblies | Antego Tire & Wheel

Elevate Your Kubota's Performance with Antego's Tire & Wheel Assemblies

In the world of landscaping and agricultural equipment, the quality of components can make or break your operation's efficiency and overall productivity. When it comes to maintaining your machinery, no element is trivial - right down to the tires and wheels. It's here where Antego Tire & Wheel shines.

Renowned for their meticulous design and superior quality, Antego has recently introduced a new set of tire and wheel assemblies – the 18x7.50-10, designed specifically for a range of Kubota models using the OEM Part number #K3001-17300.

Precision Crafted for Kubota Machines

Each assembly in this set of two is precision engineered to match Kubota's #K3001-17300 part's specifications. The perfect fit ensures seamless integration with your Kubota machinery, promoting optimal performance and reducing the risk of equipment damage that can result from incompatible parts.

Exceptional Performance Across Terrain Types

These tires aren't just designed to fit; they're built to perform. The 18x7.50-10 tires provide excellent traction and stability, making them ideal for various terrain types. Whether you're working on soft soil or navigating through tougher ground, you can rely on Antego tires for an impeccable balance between grip and durability.

Durability and Convenience Combined

Antego tires are made from premium-quality materials, promising long-lasting performance and superior resistance to wear and tear. But that's not all. The Antego Tire & Wheel set comes pre-mounted for ease of installation. This convenience allows you to get your Kubota running at full potential quickly and efficiently.

Versatility for Various Kubota Models

The versatility of these tires is another noteworthy feature. They're suitable for a range of Kubota models that use the #K3001-17300 part, making these assemblies a versatile and handy addition to your equipment collection.


With the introduction of their new 18x7.50-10 tire and wheel assemblies, Antego once again proves its dedication to enhancing the performance of your Kubota machines. By combining precision engineering, superior materials, and a design that caters to various terrains, these tire assemblies aren't just a purchase - they're an investment in the longevity and efficiency of your Kubota equipment.

Remember, always verify your Kubota model's tire size before purchase and check the manufacturer's specification to ensure a proper fit. 

Experience the Antego difference and take your Kubota's performance to the next level. Antego Tire & Wheel - Your ultimate choice for superior quality, reliability, and performance.

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