Things That Can Cause Lawnmower Tire Damage

During spring, green areas spread across yards and parks, transforming these spaces into beautiful landscapes. A lush, beautifully manicured lawn is often a homeowner's pride, mirroring their taste and dedication to beautifying their surroundings.

The lawnmower is a quintessential piece of equipment that makes lawn care much easier. Like all machinery, it is prone to wear and tear, and one of the most common problems you might encounter is lawnmower tire damage. Learning about what can cause lawnmower tire damage will help y’all identify problems in real time and take preventive measures.

Exposure to the Elements

Leaving your lawnmower outside can expose the tires to harsh weather conditions, which can cause severe damage. Continual exposure to sunlight can result in photodegradation, a process in which UV rays break down the rubber's molecular structure, leading to cracking, brittleness, and, eventually, tire failure. The constant change in temperature through the seasons can cause the rubber to expand and contract, further promoting the development of cracks and splits in the tires.

Debris and Rough Terrain

When you're mowing your lawn, all sorts of debris, from sharp rocks to hidden shards of glass, could damage your equipment. Rough terrain can be equally damaging. Uneven ground can cause undue stress to your lawnmower tires, leading to premature wear and tear. Y’all should habitually inspect the lawn before setting out with your mower. Look for potential hazards; clear out litter, rocks, or sharp objects.

Normal Wear and Tear

As with all mechanical parts, lawnmower tires are not immune to the natural process of wear and tear. Over time and with frequent use, tires begin to show signs of aging. This can manifest as thinning of the rubber, visible tread wear, or even the development of cracks and splits. Quality products like Ariens lawn mower tires have enhanced strength and durability that extend their active lifespan.

Incorrect Tire Pressure

Like any other vehicle, lawnmowers require the correct tire pressure to ensure optimum performance and a gliding effect over the lawn. Over- or under-inflation are two main causes of lawnmower tire damage that can lead to a burst or cause the rim to separate from the tire. Regularly check the tire pressure to ensure it is at the optimal level according to manufacturer recommendations.

Overloading the Mower

Each lawnmower can handle a specific weight limit. This includes the weight of the machine, the operator, and any added attachments. When y’all exceed this weight limit, the additional pressure can place undue stress on the tires. This can result in accelerated wear and tear and deterioration of the rubber that may even cause the tires to fail prematurely.

Being mindful of these factors will ensure the longevity of your lawnmower tires. Taking good care of your lawnmower, including the tires, will keep your lawn looking great and save you money in the long run by preventing costly repairs.

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